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What Is Going On With The Price Of Crude Oil?

November 14, 2018

Crude Oil has fallen almost 20 dollars per barrel in the last few weeks. The charts seem to indicate that there is no end in sight to falling prices. Prices at the gas pump have fallen about 30 cents per gallon since the drop began and that is a good thing. Lower pump prices are good for the economy. But where does this drop end and what caused it. President Trump tweeted that oil prices should be lower and OPEC has been pumping crude at a very high rate. It seems that the cause of the drop is oversupply or a fear of oversupply. The sanctions against Iran are not holding up and waivers have been granted allowing Iran to sell its crude on the international market. Saudi Arabia has stated it wants to cut production in response to this oversupply in a bid to stimulate prices. We'll see if that happens. Just how far will prices fall? We don't know as we can't predict the future. I am watching for a bottom on the weekly chart to get long via spreads. For now, I am just watching the market in awe.

November 12, 2018

The election process in Florida and Arizona is under attack. If there is one thing that is important in America it is our elections. They must be fair and free and each person's vote must count. It seems that liberal south Florida and parts of Arizona are not getting that message. The jury is still out on the process in Arizona but in Florida the corruption is obvious. Make no mistake, the election was close in Florida. We are a divided nation with half of the voting public wanting to turn us into North Korea or Venezuela. What is going on in Florida is beyond reprehensible, it is disgusting. Liberals are trying to steal a close election by finding ballots way after the election ended. This is total nonsense and such ballots should not be counted. If we are to keep our republic, we must stop this and get back to proper principals. I am not going to go into all the details of fraud going on in Florida. For that you can click the conservative news links on the left side of the page. The fraud is front page news. I urge you fellow Americans to get educated as to what is going on in our country. Stop voting for people who want to turn us into a third world mess. When elections are not close, Democrats can't cheat.

November 9, 2018

First, let's take a moment to pray for the victims of the shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. This is a tragedy. 12 people lost their lives in an act of senseless violence committed by someone who served the country as a US Marine. There is not much information about the perpetrator just yet. I am sure as time goes on we will find a history of mental illness as no sane person shoots up a night club. The question that is on the minds of most people will revolve around the gun used in the attack. Where did the perpetrator get it from? California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and they didn't stop this massacre. All those laws did was disarm six off duty police officers who were at the bar and any other person who was in there. In other words, those laws made them VICTIMS by default. Diane Feinstein, Senator from California, immediately came out and said we need stricter federal gun control laws to prevent these tragedys. This is not correct. The facts is no laws would have prevented this. I am sure in time we will see that the shooter legally acquired his guns and passed all background checks. There is nothing that could have stopped this. Let's not fall for liberal gun control nonsense. Their laws already make us victims by default. Let's push back on Feinstein for taking away our natural right to self defense. The way to end these tragedys is to have guns at the scene to take down the shooter when they act up. Less guns equals more victims, plain and simple.

November 8, 2018

With election day 2018 now in the rear view mirror and the American people having voiced their opinion, it is time to get back to work. 2020 will be here before we know it and we will do this all over again. Lots of people tell me they are not happy with the election outcome. While it is never good to give Democrats control of anything, there are positives here. They cannot get their agenda passed without control of the Senate or White House. They can while and scream all day long to the media who will give them LOTS of airtime. It means nothing. If they were smart they would work with the President to get infrastructure done. They are not going to do that. Their base will be demanding wall to wall investigations to try to find dirt on Trump to use in the 2020 elections. Impeachment is not a possibility due to the Republican controlled Senate. They will never get to 67 votes for conviction so it would be a colossal waste of time. The "resistance" tactics Democrats will most likely employ will be their undoing in 2020. President Trump is a brilliant businessman and he knows how to deal with enemies. This will be an interesting two years. For the rest of us, back to work and enjoy the show!

November 7, 2018

Today is the day after election day. America has spoken. The results are in for the most part. There are some races that are too close to call and may require recounts to fully resolve them. The Democrat party has taken control of the House of Representatives. This will be an interesting two years for the Trump administration. What will the Dems do? Will they try to do their part to help govern or will they start endless investigations into nothing. Rumor on the street is Adam Schiff wants to go back into the Russian collusion thing. I think it is time to move on from that but if they want to go back into it they do so at their own peril. The American people are done with it for now. With Republican control of the Senate and the White House, the Dems won't be able to push their radical socialist agenda. That is a good thing. If they don't play their cards right, they will lose big in 2020. Investigations and impeachment are not why they were sent to Washington. The people who elected them want a check on President Trump. They are not going to get one. President Trump is not going to bow to a Democrat congress. Through the Senate, he will continue to send his agenda over to the House where the Democrats will kill it. He will then bash them on Twitter and thus set up his run for a second term in 2020. Grab your popcorn, this will be a sight to see indeed!

November 6, 2018

The day has arrived. Today is the day when we the people will have our say as to who governs us. We are fed up with the status quo in Washington DC and demand change. The change we want is NOT toward socialsim and communism. We the people are sick and tired of politicians who steal our money through taxes and give it to lazy people and illegal immigrants. We want that stopped. We elected Donald Trump because the establishment in Washington has done nothing for us for way too long. They live in the Washington, DC bubble and ignore what we normal people need and want. So let's get out there today and let our voices be heard. Let's deliver a strong rebuke to the tone deaf Democrat party. Let's say it loud and clear, WE DON'T WANT SOCIALISM OR COMMUNISM IN AMERICA! Let's support our President and continue the fight to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and KEEP AMERICA GREAT. Now get out and vote straight Republican!

November 5, 2018

Tomorrow is election day. The day when America expresses its collective voice at the ballot box. The midterm this year is important. Many in the press would have you believe its the most important midterm in history. I doubt that. What is in front of us is a choice. Do we want to keep on having the success we have under President Donald Trump or do we want to try a new direction. The Democrats have not told us what that new direction is. They are only telling us to resist Trump at all costs. That is not a winning strategy. Raising taxes, restricting second amendment rights and more abortion are not things that excite me. I like winning. I am pulling the level for all Republicans tomorrow. As a nation, we gave Obama a try and he was true to his word. He tried to remake America into a socialist nation. That is not why we were founded and not what we are about. We are rugged, free individualists, not collecitve members of the "hive". I am NOT my brother's keeper unless I CHOOSE to be. Democrat's vision of big government is not a vision that I can share. I will see you all out there tomorrow. Join me in continuing the success of President Donald Trump!

November 3, 2018

One of the many accusers of Justice Brett Kavanaugh has now recanted her story. For the third time, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has referred another accuser to the Justice Department for prosecution. She is accused of making false statements to the committee during the Kavanaugh hearings. This now brings the total accusers to two that have made false official statements. I never did believe the accusations myself. They were designed to try to keep Justice Kavanaugh off the court and force President Trump to nominate someoone more moderate. They wanted to keep a conservative majority off the court by any means necessary. Their effort failed and now it is time for the false accusers to pay up. Sexual assault allegations are already overblown in a majority of cases. Most cases are not rape but regret. Regret is not rape. If you did not tell the person no when the encounter started, you consented and that is that. Of course, if people waited until they were married to have sex, we wouldn't be dealing with this drama. So let's end this #metoo nonsense now before it gets even further out of hand.

November 2, 2018

Do you remember election night in 2016? All the polls had Hillary Clinton up by 10 points or more. There was no path to 270 for Donald Trump. Most of the major networks were ready to call the election before six that evening. Then things started to happen. The real vote tallies started coming in and pretty soon, the Donald was the next president. That was truly awesome to watch. I don't want to know what a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like. It wouldn't be pretty. Now that the midterms are right around the corner, the media will have you believe that Republicans are poised to lose big in some "blue wave" that is supposed to hit. The evidence says otherwise. There is talk that the Republicans will lose their House majority. I am not buying it. I don't think our country wants Democrat rule but there may be enough people who don't like Trump personally to stifle his agenda. I urge my fellow Americans to put aside your personal feelings about the president and consider all that he has accomplished and vote your pocketbook. We are not voting for the next altar boy. We don't want a nice guy for a president. You know how nice guys finish, dead last. Let's support the president this coming Tuesday and keep the Republican majorities alive and well. MAGA!!

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